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DKB Strategies is a business re-engineering and strategy consulting firm based in Southern California. We specialize in the creation of specially tailored Enhanced Infrastructures and powerful operations improvements for your business. Through our DKB Strategies Operations Improvement Plan, we will improve your organization’s profitability and efficiency through Market Strategy Development, Intellectual Property Creation, and Estate Planning techniques.

Originally only offered to Advanced Estate Planning clients of the Bethel Law Corporation, our customizable business plans and models, intellectual property compilations and exit strategies have helped hundreds of clients realize tangible improvements in their organizations. After over 10 years of refinement, we believe our business growth and improvement strategies are so powerful that everyone should be able to apply it to their organizations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your business or you’ve been around for 45 years, our strategies will benefit your organization by adding value and improving the profitability of your organization.

We have removed the red tape and are ready to offer our unbeatable Business Strategies to the public. DKB Strategies is made up of industry experts and is helmed by the architect of our Business Strategies, Dale K. Bethel, Esq., President of DKB Strategies, Inc.

What we do

DKB Strategies, Inc. will partner with process operators and management to create a powerful and unique operations improvement approach to your organization. We will improve your organization's profitability and value starting with a written instruction manual for your business. The instruction manual will include Intellectual Property creation, identification, protection and exploitation. It will also include a set of processes and procedures employees can follow for repetitive tasks. We will continue to improve your organization's profitability and value through the use of estate planning techniques, asset protection, centralized management, decreasing the costs of operations and finding the right support staff.

As a client, you will control your own outcome and exit strategy with an enhanced infrastructure and positive business culture that is tailored to fit your organization.

While each plan is tailor made for your specific organization, the basic framework on which we build that plan is outlined below.

© DKB Strategies, Inc. Operations Improvement Plan

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Technical Writing & Processes and Procedures

The creation, identification and compilation of all "technical" write-ups are the beginning of your businesses' intellectual property catalog. In order to develop your market strategy, technical write-ups include Business to Business (B2B) white papers, the documentation of your Business Instruction Manuals and more.

The identification of all business processes and procedures includes documenting such in a tangible manual format for proper valuation by a Certified Valuations Analyst.

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Growth Strategy & Business COACHING

Designated leaders will attend a once a month, personal DKB Leader Training Session to learn how to improve the businesses' processes and procedures, accomplish growth strategy goals and document such in the businesses' IP Compilation for additional valuation purposes.

Depending on your businesses' starting organizational structure, DKB Strategies expects that by the third compilation update, your business is ready to "Exit."

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Exit Strategy & Debt & EquitY Financing

DKB Strategies will manage businesses during the final stage of the program: the "Exit" Strategy. We'll work directly with the founder, CEO, management, and all outside strategic partners in order to accomplish the "Exit" Strategy goals.

DKB will organize and manage a host of financing strategies for your businesses' Exit. This includes Debt and Equity Finance options.

DKB Family

Dale K. Bethel, EsQ

Dale K. Bethel is the founder of the Bethel Law Corporation and DKB Strategies. He has over 25 years of experience.

Andrew Bethel

Andrew Bethel is the co-founder of DKB Strategies. He is experienced with various process and prcedures for a variety of businesses.

James R. McLaughlin

James McLaughlin works with Morrison/McNabb Consulting to help people to identify and articulate goals, projects and strategies that fulfill their business objectives.

The Bethel Law Corporation is an independent client-centered law firm located in the Inland Empire region of Southern California.


MorrisonMcNabb has been guiding CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to expand their thinking and leadership to produce results beyond what they thought was possible.




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