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Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.

We here at DKB Strategies firmly believe that learning is the key to life. The continued search for knowledge is an essential part of excelling in the business world as well as life. In an effort to promote learning for ourselves as well as others, we’ll be creating an education-based blog series called What is…?

What is What is…?

In this ongoing series, we’ll cover topics, concepts and terms as they related to the business world. You don’t have to be a business owner to enjoy the series. In fact, we would recommend that everyone read these blogs so as to gain a deeper understanding of how the business world works and their place in it. We want to promote the continued quest for knowledge by providing overviews of various concepts, as they relate to the business world, that can then be used as a jumping off point for anyone interested in delving deeper into the subject.

Regardless of whether you need to learn something new or just want a refresher, we hope that you’ll find this series interesting and that it’ll help you in not just business, but in any aspect of your life.

Some topics we’ll cover include:

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