Business Instruction Manual

The identification of all business process and procedures includes documenting such in a tangible manual format for proper valuation by a Certified Valuations Analyst. The manual should include;

  • A business narrative to be marketed, including purpose and mission
  • An operations manual documenting all processes, sub-processes, and activities and tasks of each department
  • A mature financial department that not only accounts for all costs and cash but gathers "big data"
  • Future exit strategies

DKB Strategies will help design Processes & Procedures throughout the company and document it for trade secret protection and valuation. As clients move through our business re-engineering program, they will undergo 3 Business Instruction Manual updates that we like to refer to as IP Compilations. At least 3 updates = 1 Complete Franchise or Licensee Manual.

Our IP Compilations are made up of 4 components:

  • Operations
  • IT
  • Value
  • Trade Secret Protection

The result; a unique compilation of your business from top to bottom.